About the Firm

Michalski Militello, LLP is a DWI, criminal defense, and family court-focused law firm in Rochester, NewYork. We have offices in Brighton and Avon, and we appear in the courts of Monroe, Livingston, Ontario, and Genesee Counties. Jeannie Michalski was an Assistant District Attorney for the first seven years of her career; she developed tremendous trial experience early on and has tried well over two hundred misdemeanor and felony cases. Ms. Michalski’s depth of trial experience combined with Adam Militello’s broad civil experience and talent for negotiated settlements has helped the firm to develop what we call an “integrated practice.”

Legal issues are never neat and tidy.

When clients come to us for help on any legal issue, they benefit from the wide range of experience and perspectives that Ms. Michalski and Mr. Militello bring to bear on the matter. The attorneys at our firm collaborate, integrating our years of combined experience in different areas of law to solve the problems our clients face.

Integrating Criminal and Civil Experience

For example, when a client comes to us because they have been charged with DWI, we don’t look at the DWI case alone. A DWI case has reaching effects, including licensing consequences for nurses, physicians, teachers, and anybody else who needs a state license to practice their profession. The lawyers at Michalski Militello understand those consequences, and we help our clients prepare for all aspects of their case – from arraignment to inquiries by the Office of Professional Discipline to dealing with the Medicaid Exclusion List (for healthcare professionals).

As another example of our integrated approach to solving legal problems, we are very sensitive to the manner in which a criminal case resolves. Criminal cases impact custody, visitation, and employment. They can even have an effect on personal injury matters. It is extremely important that your attorney understand the collateral consequences of the matter you are facing. We understand, and we prepare you to make informed decisions.

Integrating Your Needs into a final resolution.

No two people are alike. No two cases are alike. We listen to our clients, and help them achieve the goals that they set. We know that you cannot make good decisions without having solid, relevant legal advice at your disposal. We provide that advice. We offer our best counsel, and then we help you achieve your goals.

Making legal representation affordable.

Excellent legal counsel is not cheap, but it can be affordable. Once you sit down with one of our attorneys and explain the situation you need help with, they will assess the work that needs to be done, and work with you to develop a plan for achieving your goals – a plan that is reasonable.

Consulting with a lawyer.

One of the most important steps to hiring an attorney is to actually meet with that lawyer. Legal matters can be stressful, and it is important that you meet the person with whom you will be working. Just like with any relationship, you should only choose an attorney with whom you feel comfortable.

Jeannie Michalski and Adam Militello meet with clients at our offices in Brighton, NY and Avon, NY. You can call (585) 351-2500 to schedule an appointment with either lawyer, at either location. Consultations for DWI, criminal, and personal injury cases are always free of charge, so call today.