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With substantial experience in civil litigation, criminal defense and child protection issues, the Rochester, New York, family law attorneys of Michalski Militello LLP are prepared to advise clients about problems that go beyond the basics in divorce, custody and support issues.

To learn how the breadth of our experience can help you find a sound solution to a family problem that might cross legal boundaries, contact our Upstate New York divorce lawyers at our law firm in Rochester or Avon.

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At Michalski Militello, we advise family law clients in such situations as:

At Michalski Militello, we take a practical approach to divorce and family law problems. We help people choose from their legal options to achieve their own goals, then develop and execute the strategies most likely to achieve them.

In many situations, our experience with the ways a divorce or domestic violence problem can affect other aspects of your life helps you avoid mistakes and gives you a shorter path to a comprehensive solution. For example, our criminal defense experience can strengthen your legal position on child custody issues when there's a history of family violence or abuse.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to keep our services affordable through flexible fee and billing arrangements. For more information about our family law practice, contact Michalski Militello in Rochester or Avon, New York.